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Helpers Hand Delivery Is A Multi-Vendor Marketplace & Delivery Service Provider

Our vendors can upload their own products or have a store built for them by our professional designers.  As a vendor, you have access to a full admin control panel to track sales, inventory, deliveries and much more.  Vendors can offer multi-location in-store pickup, same day delivery or standard shipping options through our marketplace.  We handle all the logistics of your same day delivery orders right down to the live GPS tracking capabilities.  A delivery tracking link is sent to both the vendor and customer via email or text.  Shipping labels and QR codes can be generated and printed out right from our vendors admin panels.  Since our marketplace is built around a social network the buyer, seller and delivery personnel can communicate directly with each other.  This allows for total accountability throughout the order fulfillment process.

Social Network Marketplace

Our multi-vendor marketplace is built around a social network.  This allows full accountability through instant and direct communication between buyers, sellers and fulfillment staff throughout the entire fulfillment process.  Our marketplace comes integrated with fully automated same day delivery service

Same Day Delivery Services

Anytime your products need to be delivered the same day, we automatically perform the delivery for you.  We will send out a delivery driver to your location to pick up your product and deliver it to the correct address.  Your delivery order can be tracked in live time through our live GPS tracking system.  There is no fee for our vendors to use our same day delivery services.

Real Time GPS Delivery Order Tracking

All same delivery orders can be tracked in real time with our integrated GPS tracking system.  We use a system similar to the system UBER uses for their ride share service.  Watch your order in route to your location in real time.  No special apps are needed to use our GPS tracking system.  A tracking link will be email or texted to both the vendor and customer, which can be easily viewed in any web browser.

Advanced User Profiles & Vendor Admin Panels

Our social network members can customize their profiles with video headers and music players.  Upload your own videos and customize your profile page or store with our drag and drop editor.  Set up text notifications and more.  Vendors have access to lots of intuitive tools in our advanced admin panels

Earn Rewards & Loyalty Points

Earn rewards and loyalty points everytime you make a purchase.  You can use these points just like cash money.  100 points equals $1.00 in discounts.  Earn 2 Helpers Hand Points for every dollar spent on our website.

Sell Virtual & Downloadable Products

Our vendors can sell their own virtual products like custom design work or songs.  All downloads are protected with secure private download links and can be downloaded instantly after payment confirmation

Safe & Secure Payment Options

We do not store any of your credit or debit card information on our servers.  We let our payment processors handle that for us.  We do accept all major credit cards and Paypal.  In some cases we allow you to pay for a delivery order C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery).  This payment option is only available to members.

Fundraising & Affiliates Programs

We will soon be offering a new hassle free way for schools, non-profit organizations and affiliates to raise funds for their programs.  This is how it works, we generate fundraiser codes for your organization.  Your organization distributes these codes to friends and family to use during a purchase in our marketplace.  Whenever a code is used your organization is awarded points which can then be redeemed for cash money.  Now we made it so easy to raise funding, no more carrying around boxes of candybars

How Does The Same Day Delivery Service Work?

We charge $8 for product delivery from any one of our vendors in our marketplace.  $10 for product delivery from any store or restaurant regardless if they are not a vendor in our marketplace.  This delivery fee covers your delivery order for the first mile.  First mile is calculated from pickup location to delivery location, every mile after the first mile is charged $1 for each addition mile.  We do not charge our customers a service fee unless you are ordering delivery from a restaurant.  For all restaurant deliveries there is an additional 5% service fee.  This service fee goes directly to the restaurant personnel for their hard work properly preparing your food and insures that your order is prioritized.  As you may know most all food service industry workers depend on tips to make a living.  You can think of this 5% service fee as a tip to your waitress.  Most delivery orders can be delivered within an hour.  All delivery orders require a $15 minimal purchase.

Helpers Hand Delivery Is HIPAA Compliant

Helpers Hand Delivery is a HIPAA compliant delivery service provider.  We can provide delivery services to pharmacies, healthcare equipment suppliers and medical laboratories.  Our HIPAA certified delivery drivers are trained to handle prescription medication deliveries and can accommodate temperature sensitive deliveries.  Most prescription medications are delivered free of charge to the patient.  Contact us to setup a prescription medication home delivery or call us today and let us deliver for your pharmacy, healthcare equipment company or medical lab.

View HIPAA Policy

Helpers Hand Delivery

Now Offers Mobile ATM Services

Helpers Hand Delivery now offers the convenience of an ATM anywhere.  We will deliver up to $100 to you for a small additional fee.  All you pay is an $8 delivery fee to use our mobile ATM service.  When using our same day or 1 hour delivery services for a purchase you can get up to $100 cash back just like at the grocery store for an additional $8 service fee.  We will deliver your delivery order and your cash right to your doorstep or office.  You must be a member of our social network community to use this service.

Mobile ATM Services
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